ANSSEN Carbon Plant produces UHP, HP and RP graphite electrodes with the diameter 200-600mm. To ensure  the stable quality of graphite electrodes, high quality petroleum coke and needle coke, as the main raw material, has been selected from Fushun petroleum factory and Mizushima Japan. Equipped with 2 calcining furnaces, a set of 2500T extrusion press machine, 18 and 32 rooms ring type baking furnace each, 2 horizontal high pressure impregnation tanks, full set of environmental protection dust removing equipment, the numerical control machining workshops and independent analysis lab. With advanced production equipments & technology , complete inspection instruments and sufficient warehouse stock, ANSSEN provides first-class products ,prompt shipment & thoughtful after-sales service. ANSSEN carbon products, with the features of homogeneity, good thermal shock resistance, low consumption etc., are exported to more than 40 countries like Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Norway, France, UK, Greece, Czech republic, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Belarus, Russia, Azerbaijan, India, Indonesia, Philippines,  Vietnam, Pakistan, Israel, KSA, UAE, Oman, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Egypt, Zambia etc. ANSSEN has established long-term cooperation with worldwide customers.