Gear shaft is a mechanical part which support rotating parts along with rotary for passing

movement, torque and flexural moment 


High-grade alloy case hardened steel is used for the manufacture of gear the cementing, hardened and

grinding gear surface has high precision of gear and loading capacity.


Advantage: small volume, light weight, high carrying capacity, long life, high efficiency, low noise etc.

Production standard: According to DIN 3972, DIN867 Standard.

Material: According to the customer’s requirement


Gear Box Type:

Ⅰ JK Series universal industrial gear box

Ⅱ JH Series universal industrial gear box

Ⅲ ZDY, ZLY,ZSY Series universal industrial gear box



The main components have been designed in use of modular with unique structure and simple appearance and then vertical or horizontal installation types can be realized.


High-grade alloy case-hardened steel is used for the manufacture of gear, the carburized, hardened and ground gear surface has high gear accuracy and loading capacity.


It is convenient for use and maintenance while the rolling bearing has been used.


Natural cooling, cooling with internal cooler and forced lubrication can be used according to the demand.


Featuring with small volume, light weight, low noise and high reliability.