Pipe Mould


Our manufacturing plant started to produce pipe mould for ductile iron casting machine since 1998. The executive specifications are YB/T4179-2008,Q/ZTG01-2008 or technical agreements. We can provide the pipe moulds such as T-tube-type water-cooled metal mold, S-type, N-type and K-type thermal tube molds, which are made from the materials 15Cr2Mo, 21CrMo10, and 30CrMo. The product size is DN80-1200mm with 3-6mm in length. The company has the annual capacity of 1800pcs for various kinds of ductile iron pipes.

The steel making process is EBT+LF/VD and ingots are forged to the required form once by hydraulic press machine or rotary radial forging machine. The ultrasonic test is carried on according to JB/T1581-96. The pipe mould will be quenched, tempered and performed relieving stress after rough machining(boring), and then the finished machining will be carried out by numerically controlled lathe to meet the quality requirements.

With the same lifetime to those made in America and Germany, our pipe moulds are provided for lots of large manufacturers in China, and are exported to the Central Asia, South Asia, Europe and North America etc.