Oxygen lance pipe


Lance pipe is used for blowing in steelmaking, it is made of steel pipe with inside & outside surface calorized & ceramic coated,due to the user’s requirement for low consumption, high purity during smelting process in EAF/BOF, Anssen succeeds in developing a high quality coating at competitive cost, it has a great advantage in anti-oxidation, anti- sulphurization, thermal resistant, anti-erosion, easy operation, its main use :


•Blowing oxygen or other gas into EAF;

•Injection of powder additive to adjust the steel composition;

•Clean slag from converter ;

•Special purpose which requires high refractoriness, anti-oxidation, anti-sulphurization, anti-erosion;

Our calorized ceramic lance pipes are successfully serving steel giants like Baosteel, Anshan steel, Guangzhou steel,Posco(ZJG Plant).