1.Technical Specification:

Measuring error      : ±0.2%+1 characters

Working conditions : temperature 5-40℃,

 relative humidity ≤ 85%

Storage conditions  : temperature 0-45℃,

relative humidity ≤ 85%

Power supply way   : AC 220V±10%;

Frequency               : 50Hz±2Hz;

Power loss approximately 50W


2.Function of the indicator:

Red LED super-bright LED display, high character 127mm (5 inches) or liquid crystal display

Clock shows: 12 hours service pattern

The acousto-optics alarm 

a. The green light bright expression thermocouple puts through, the measuring appliance enters the preparation condition

b. The yellow light brightly expressed the measuring appliance is surveying

c. The red candle bright expression survey process ended, simultaneously the electric bell inspires the sound,

    4 ~ 20mA or 1 ~ 5V analog output interface ( specify when ordering), BCD at-large external display for the

    parallel interface (specify when ordering), (Printer interface (specify when ordering)

3.Front faceplate diagram and instruction of digital temperature indicator