This instrument offers four graduations for users to choose, and can be equipped with a fast thermocouple to measure the temperature of liquid metal fastly and accurately. It can operate automatically and reliably in the adverse circumstance of the industry site for a long time. Therefore it is the perfect portable thermometer for the metallurgy , nonferrous metals, casting machinery, etc. 

Technical parameters 


2 .Accuracy Class       :  0.2

3 .Digital display          : 4 high brightness LED digital tube, with 3-color status light.

4 .working temperature : 0℃~ 50℃; relative humidity≤85%;

5. Storage temperature :-25℃~ +70℃; relative humidity ≤95%

6. Battery                    :  7.2V(1400mA/h)Lithium batteries.

7.Charging time           : fast charge 3 hours, slow charge12 hours, continuous working time:36 hours.

8.Storage                   :  store 220 temperature data, download with PC through RS232.

9 .weight                     : 2kg