The essence of electromagnetic stirring is to agitate molten steel in casting blank, therefore to change and optimize the transfer of molten steel and heat exchange in the casting blank, and finally achieve targets of quality improvement and higher productivity.
Specific improvements include surface/subsurface cleanliness, segregation, non-metal inclusions, porosity, inter-columnar cracking, grain/structure refinement, shell thickness uniformity, breakouts frequency, and machine throughput.

Installation Positions on Caster

In principle, electromagnetic stirrers may be installed at any positions of a caster, whereas a reasonable position selected is not only very important for obtaining the better metallurgical effects, but also  is related to the investment cost of CCM. 


The followings are schematics about where an EMS is installed on a caster:

Electromagnetic stirrers for billets/blooms:

1. Mould area electromagnetic stirrer (MEMS);

2. EMS along strand (SEMS);

3. EMS at final solidification zone (FEMS).

Electromagnetic stirrers for slabs:

1. Mold level electromagnetic stirrer (MEMS);

2. Mold level electromagnetic Brake (EMBR);

3. Mold level flow control FC Mold;

4. EMS along strand (SEMS).