Electroslag remelting utilize resistance as heat source to be a measure of smelting, which produced when current go through electroslag. The main purpose is to purify metals, and gain well-distributed and dense crystal structure of ingot.


1. Copper tube adopt forged seamless copper tube or coiling weld copper plate.
2. Flange adopts CuCrZr alloy which has high thermal conductivity and thermostability.
3. The safe and reliable welding technology can adapt to high-strength and high temperature working condition.


Technical parameters:
- Chemical composition: Cu≥99.93%
- Welding line flaw detection standard corresponds to GB3323-87Ⅰ-Ⅱ
- Pressure test:Hydraulic pressure: 1.5MPa; Pressurize: 30mins; No leakage phenomenon
- Electric conductivity: σ≥94%IACS


Range of products:
- Forging seamless straight pipe and taper pipe
- Forging area flange straight pipe and taper
- Forging straight pipe and taper pipe to weld flange
- Coiling copper plate to weld straight pipe and taper pipe.


Crystallizer specification (Special design of ESR)