Valves are widely used in chemical industrial, fertilizer, metallurgy, pharmacy, electric power industry, as well as liquefied petroleum gas, construction and fire protection, and pipe system valve station. We can supply various types of valves, gate valve, globe valve, butterfly vavle, ball valve and so on.
Below is the main specification of valve we supply:

1.Valve type :  Gate valve, glove valve, butterfly valve, check valve, ball valve, plug valve, power station valve

2.Producing technic :  Forging and casting

3.Valve sieze :  1/2”~42” (DN15 ~ DN1500),

4.Valve standard :  ASEM / ANSI / API

5.Pressure rate :  PN1.0Mpa ~ 42.00Map ( 150 LBS ~ 2500 LBS)

6.Main material  :  Carbon steel  ASTM A216 WCA,  WCB, WCC
                             ASTM A352 LCB (LF1), LF2, LF3
                             ASTM A351 CF8 (F304), CF3( F316), CF8M (F304L), CF3M ( F316L)
                             ASTM A217 WC1 (F1), WC6( F11), WC9(F22),  C5 (F5)
                             Copper alloy
7. Actuator : Handle , warm gear, polit operated, handwheel, electric, automatic