Carbon Fiber, Graphite Felt & CFC Materials


Widely used in industry like: Aerospace engineering, vacuum metallurgy, solar photovoltaic new energy system, new chemical material, electrical and electronics, automobile, translink etc.


Main products are:
1. Carbon rope made by PAN carbon fiber, which is used for binding and seaming felt of insulating lining in vacuum furnace;
2. Pan based Soft carbon fiber felt, made by PAN, which is used for therrnal insulating material for Vacuum furnace;
3. Pan based Soft graphite fiber felt by PAN, which is used in polysilicon and monocrystalline silicon preparation furnace, also used as corrosion resisting fiber material;
4. Rayon based Soft carbon fiber felt and rayon based soft graphite felt;
5. PAN Rigid carbon fiber felt, or rigid composite carbon fiber felt, it is widely used in vacuum high pressure air quenching furnace, low pressure fritting furnace, pressurization vacuum sintering furnace;

6. PAN rigid graphite fiber felt or PAN rigid composite carbon fiber felt;
7. CFC materials, like H shape, U shape, L shape, screws, etc;
8. Vacuum heating room:
    a. Square heating room,
    b. Round graphite fiber cylinders, which is used as round heating rooms;