Pointed Gouging Electrodes (D.C.)


Flat Gouging Electrodes (D.C.)

Application: Excellent cutting & removing of the weldments and castings’ burrs ,to repair and make dies.


Jointed Gouging Electrodes (D.C.)

Application: Used for either automatic or manual torches. Continuous electrode feed, eliminate stub loss.


Hollow Gouging Electrodes(D.C.)

Application: Has more efficient metal removal than normal pointed solid electrodes with less smoke while using. Used for removing, producing shaped U groove.


Blasting Gouging Electrodes (D.C.)

Application: Designed for high current users and is very suitable for finishing work of hard alloys and casting with amazing high efficiency.


Pointed Gouging Electrodes (A.C.)

Application: Used with alternating current. This type can strike more stable arc to make the operation more efficient.