Integral spiral stabilizer

Integral straight rib stablizer

Stabilizer is made from AISI4145H alloy steel API Spec.7, heat treated by special procedure and obtain expected hardness, strength and impact value properties. All threads are made strictly in accordance with API specification, phophated,copperized or cold worked.



Integral spiral blade stabilizer


Integral Spiral Stabilizers are made from AISI 4145H Modified alloy steel or Non-magnetic alloy steel, the pressed button type or applied Tungsten Carbide hardbanding on the blade facing are available. the Non-magnetic stabilizers have special hardbanding on the spiralled blade surface that the magnetic properties has been eliminated. 



Integral straight blade stabilizer


Straight rib stabilizers are made of AISI 4145H alloy steel by one piece of integral bar. every stabilizer has four straight ribs that pressed Tungsten Carbide buttons or other type of hardfacing are located on the surface of the ribs. Ultrasonic inspection is performed on each stabilizer.